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Smarter Patterns is an interaction pattern library that provides solutions for common AI challenges.

What are Smarter Patterns?

Born out of extensive research into how artificial intelligence is being used and understood today, it is an evolving resource that considers the form and function of the patterns as well as the ethical challenges AI poses.


Transparency & Trust

Without a clear concept of what it actually is, AI can be confusing and scary to users. How can we help them understand what the AI is being used for, how it’s being leveraged in their applications, and why it should matter to them?

Autonomy & Control

Users don't necessarily want to use AI all the time. How can we empower them to choose the amount of AI they interact with, allowing them to decide when to enjoy the benefits of hands-off automation and when to take manual control?

Fairness & Inclusiveness

How an application deals with users is just as important as how users deal with AI. Issues around dignity, respect, and how we value people deserve contemplation. How can we safeguard against harmful practices while building meaningful experiences?