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Training Progress Indicator



When the algorithm relies on  a particular user to train it in order to perform at optimal effectiveness, the user wants to know how much of the training has been completed.

A screenshot from the Boomy app showing a progress bar indicating percentage of training complete.
In the generative music app "Boomy", the system needs to be trained to understand the user's preferences. The progress bar provides vital feedback on this.


The system displays a progress bar, percentage complete, or similar device, to show how far the system is through the training process.


Many AI systems will be trained en masse, either behind the scenes with datasets curated by the designers or by collecting aggregate user data in live use, but some applications rely on each individual user training the system to complete their particular tasks. The system has to learn from their actual inputted material or own unique preferences. In these cases, there could be a separate training mode prior to task mode being unlocked, or alternatively the system trains through actual use, increasing its effectiveness through repeated operations. In either case, it is beneficial to communicate to the user how far they are through the process.