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Dreamlike Novelty



Sometimes the user wants to be surprised, to be hit with a joyous wave of weirdness that disrupts their everyday existence and makes them question whether they are awake or are dreaming the strangest of dreams. They also want to laugh at bizarre notions, such is the nature of absurdist humour. 

A screenshot of the app "Artbreeder" showing some dreamlike imagery it has generated.
Artbreeder combines images of everyday objects to produce dreamlike creations.


Machine learning apps can often output strange results, whether accidentally or by design — the interface should embrace this freakiness and share this with the user. This can be in the form of generative text, imagery, or video. 


Many of us long to be tourists in the world of the weird. Now we can be confronted with and delighted by such alien creativity as emerges from machine minds. We have constructed a gateway into the domain of dreams! 

The reality is that any machine learning tool is going to take odd paths regardless, so, where appropriate, make it a feature not a flaw to expose the oddities. Beware, though, that what one person considers to be charming Dreamlike Novelty, another may consider horrible Nightmare Fuel.