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Manual Overrides



The system provides one or more AI-generated responses, but the user isn't happy with any of them.

Example of avatar creation flow featuring AI-generated and designer-generated options for users to choose from
An avatar-creation flow offers AI-generated solutions as well as pre-populated solutions created by a designer without the aid of AI.


In addition to dynamically generated AI-responses, the system provides a range of pre-made options not informed by AI to choose from.


Allowing designers to to pre-make alternate responses can be a useful addition to a system, since they're generally good at anticipating users' needs. There are a number of advantages to this approach: it's a good fallback if the AI fails to produce satisfactory quality; it can be a demonstration of the best of what the AI is capable of; and it allows the user to feel empowered choosing the AI-option knowing that they could otherwise opt out while still proceeding in the process.