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Hand-off to Human


Sometimes, an AI system doesn't work as the user wants it to or they're not comfortable using an AI driven system.

Screenshot of a bot hand-off in an airline app
An airline chatbot allows the user to switch to direct human interaction when it is unable to complete the task as requested.

The system should provide means to hand the process over to a human agent. The user and the human agent can complete the process either via live chat in the app, or offline via phone or showroom.

Obviously prioritising a hand-off to human agents reduces the efficiencies that automation brings to business processes. But there will always be categories of complex issues that fall outside of an AI's capabilities, which human agents are better able to solve. Beyond complexity, where a relationship requires empathy, passion, emotion, or another form of authentic human connection, simulating this via AI is still a greater challenge than simply employing human agents to make that connection with the user.

Another screenshot of a chatbot giving the user the option to chat with a human instead of a bot
Airlines are doing a good job of handing customers off to a real person when a virtual agent is unable to fulfill a task.