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Relationship Building



The user wants to trust an AI system but finds the concept of an artificial intelligence worrying.

A screenshot of the chatbot from the Replika app.
The bot in Replika is designed to learn about the user and adapt its behaviour accordingly, with the aim of building a real relationship with them.


Using appropriately memorised user details and a friendly tone, over repeated interactions the system works to build a relationship with the user and alleviate their anxiety. 


From Skynet to the Matrix, we're bombarded with the idea of evil computer intelligences taking over the world. It's no surprise, then, that many users will view AI-driven software with suspicion, especially in anything that approaches our sci-fi notions of AI-like conversational interfaces and robots. Establishing the correct tone is vital: even friendly and helpful can appear to be sinister. Hence the importance of building a relationship based on honesty that can increase in trust over time, just as the user would do with any new person, artifact, or institution.