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Chat Presets



There are lots of potential conversational paths with a chatbot and sometimes the user will type something weird that breaks the intended conversation flow.

Example of preset chat prompts that encourage engagement but don't require massive manual input on the part of the user
An app offers manual text input, pre-populated short answer suggestions, and suggested options for larger, more informational outputs with minimum user input required.


Just because an app is a chatbot doesn't mean that all responses need to be in the form of text entry. The bot can prompt the user to select a binary yes / no answer, select one from a range of preset answers, grab a slider, or even select an image or other media item as their response. 


A UI that blends chatbot text entry with other input mechanisms can be the best of both worlds, allowing the presentation of conventional UI elements at strategic times while remaining embedded in a conversation that provides context and motivation for data entry.

Other Examples:

Example of chat prompt button to encourage engagement without requiring massive manual input
An application offers pre-set text to help direct conversation and limit chances of breaking the conversational flow.