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Upgradable Algorithm



The user wants to try out a service with a more limited version of the operating AI, either because it is free to use, or because it is less resource intensive. They then want to upgrade to the more powerful AI as needed.

A screenshot from the PictureThis app showing an option to pay for a more power algorithm.
PictureThis offers a premium option with a more powerful algorithm.


The system provides controls to switch between different versions of the AI. The inferior may have fewer features, less accuracy, or a more limited dataset. The user can either freely switch between versions (to manage their computing resources), or alternatively unlock a more powerful algorithm via a paid premium upgrade.


In cases where the system does provide a choice of AI power levels, it is important to communicate to the user exactly what the limitations of the lower level or benefits of the higher level are. It is also advisable to offer realistic recommendations on appropriate level for the user — often the higher power algorithm may actually be unnecessary for the user’s tasks, and be inefficient compared to the lower powered version.