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Automated Text Summarization



In situations where there is a lot of body text, users with cognitive or literacy issues want to know what is contained within that content without having to read the whole text. 

A screenshot of an automatic text summarization tool.
The Automatic Text Summarizer tool lives up to its name, demonstrating how well this functionality can work.


The user can click to view a shortened and simplified version of the text that has been generated by an AI. 


While patterns such as Automated Subtitles are certainly empowering, they are really just instances of automating the production of conventional content, and do not go far in demonstrating the true revolutionary potential of AI in this domain. Automated summarization, on the other hand, shows that AIs can actually produce valuable original content, and to varying specifications to match users’ unique needs.

Yes, it would be possible for a copywriter to simply create two or three different versions of a text to suit different reading levels, but this is labour intensive and rarely done. With an AI automating this process, the opportunity is there to allow for multiple versions of the same text with little hassle, opening the door for true personalization that fits each user’s own abilities and needs.